Classic partner desk replica LT

A classic partner desk replica made of mahogany solid wood. Green leather inlay and 3 drawers desk top lying on top of 2 double sided cabinet pedestals 3 drawers and a compartment enclosed by a door at the left and right side.

English antique partner desk replica hancrafted of mahogany solid wood, features leather inlay top

Mahogany wood, Leather, Solid brass pulls and hinges


Fine-Sanding, Unfinished-Mahogany, Satin polyurethane spray coating.


70 6/8" x 35 3/8" x 30 2/8"

180 x 90 x 77 cm

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Victorian furniture

Victorian period lyre table replica handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. Plain solid wood top leaf supported by a lyre pedestal fixed onto four curved legs.
Lyre table

Antique accent table replica handcrafted of Indonesian mahogany solid wood. Plain solid wood top leaf supported by a lyre shape column. The pedestal decorated with wings carving, fixed onto four incurved legs.

Victorian antique pedestal dining table replica handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. Plain solid wood extendable top leaf turning pedestal and scrolling legs
Victorian pedestal dining table RE

Victorian extendable top dining table handcrafted of mahogany solid wood, Profile edge decoration solid wood top leaf fixed onto bead molding edge decoration apron. Supported by a turning pedestal on scrolling legs.

An antique display cabinet of the Victorian period remade using mahogany solid wood. Handcrafted to perfection by Indonesian furniture craftsmen in Central Java.
Victorian display cabinet 2 doors hutch

The Victorian display cabinet consists of hutch lying on top of a sideboard. Our builders handcraft the cabinet using mahogany solid wood. The hutch door using 3mm glass, solid brass hinges, and pulls. Solid wood board paneled door enclosing a shelf inside the sideboard, the base of the cabinet.

A beautiful handcrafted coffee table replicate the Victorian period antique coffee table. Four cabriole legs and whorl feet connected by foliage carving top aprons.
Victorian coffee table

A British Victorian period antique coffee table reproduction made of mahogany wood. Plain and smooth solid wood top leaf on top of foliage carving aprons. Supported by four cabriole legs hassock carving knee and scroll feet.

Vintage bookcase mahogany wood 2 glass door hutch
Vintage bookcase 2D

English vintage bookcase handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. 2 glass doors hutch on top of 2 solid wood doors sideboard base. Solid wood shelves inside hutch and sideboard.

Mahogany solid wood fluted legs classic colonial console table
Colonial console table FL

British classic console table 1 drawers handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. Profiled edges and rounded front corners top on plain aprons. Turning and fluted legs ended at arrow feet bottom.

Fiddle back dining chair - Victorian antique furniture replica
Fiddle back chair TL

A classic dining chair balloon shape backrest and pierced splat fiddle carving central decoration. Upholstered seat fixed on bead edges rails. Turning front legs arrow feet, plain backlegs curved backward.

Antique fiddle back armchair replica handcrafted of mahogany wood
Fiddle back armchair TL

Antique armchair reproduction made of mahogany wood, balloon shape and fiddle carving splat backrest. Upholstered seat on bead edges rail, turning front legs, plain curved back legs.

Fiddle back legs classic wall table replica mahogany wood
Fiddle back wall table

Classic wall table reproduction cabriole front legs  with flower carving decoration, fiddle shape plain back leg, handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. Semi turtle top leaf on plain apron decorated with foliage wood carving at front central.

Victorian dressing table replica handcrafted of mahogany wood
Victorian dressing table WS

British antique dressing table of the Victorian period handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. Oval mirror and 2 drawers on top of kidney shape 1 drawer table, including a small rounded shape upholstered seat stool.

Victorian period standing mirror made of mahogany wood
Victorian standing mirror

Victorian period antique mirror reproduction handcrafted of mahogany solid wood. Bead edges frame with 3 mm beveled mirror, rounded at the top corners. The mirror and frame  swiveled in curved poles and scrolling legs.

Victorian bookcase: Mahogany wood glass doors hutch & sideboard base
Antique bookcase 6 doors

Antique furniture replica of Victorian period bookcase 3 glass doors hutch, 3 doors and 3 drawers sideboard base. Handcrafted of mahogany solid wood, equipped with solid brass hinges and pulls.

Mahogany wood Victorian period sofa single ended
Single end sofa

Victorian period sofa single ended, mahogany wood frame, fabric upholstery seat and backrest.

Victorian fiddle back armchair
Victorian fiddle back armchair CL

Classic dining armchair fiddle carving round backrest, upholstered seat, cabriole front legs.

Victorian fiddle carving dining chair
Victorian fiddle back chair CL

Reproduction of Victorian dining chair mahogany wood fiddle carving round backrest upholstered seat.

Mahogany partner desk

Large desk with wide desktop and open knee hole to two allow people work in the same desktop facing each other. The desk top is inlaid with leather in 3 sections, 2 sections on top of the pedestals, and large section on top of knee hole. Each section has a two drawers underneath facing opposite direction. The central section recessed backward pedestal sections, the drawer at the central section is larger than other sections drawer.

The desk top is lying on top of 2 cabinet pedestals in a same size and features, 3 drawer front side and a compartment enclosed by a door back side. Each pedestal facing opposite direction, the user at both sides has 3 drawers left hand and a compartment at the right hand.

Solid wood furniture construction

The desk is handcrafted of Indonesian mahogany solid wood, using traditional furniture construction which allow the solid wood movement while extracting and contracting through seasons.

The desktop is assembled of solid wood frames with tenon mortise joinery and floating central panel. All 12 drawers built with dovetail joint and floating board base, the front face of the drawers decorated raised bead edges. A solid brass bracket plate pulls attached on the center of the drawers front face.

Left and right side of the pedestals is covered with raised central panels floating inside bead edges decoration solid wood frames. The doors is assembled of plain solid wood frames and raised solid wood central panels, using solid brass hinges and handle.

Each four corner of the pedestals is decorated with half round turning facing front. The pedestals stand on top of corner bracket feet decorated with foliage and scroll wood carving.