Oficce Bookcases


Rambe teak bookcase sliding doors

Rambe bookcase

W. 245, D. 48 H. 220 cm

A large teak furniture piece, Rambe bookcase. Handmade of grade A teak timber into 2 sections a hutch and a base. The hutch consists of 6 glass solid wood frame sliding doors, 5 small drawers center. The base consists of 6 wood panel sliding doors, 4 drawers. Stainless steel hardware, plastic sliding rails.

Teak bookcase Sigende 4 drawers

Teak bookcase 4 doors

W. 100, D. 50 H. 200 cm

Plain teak bookcase 4 glass doors top, 4 drawers and 4 wood panel doors bottom. Mad of grade A teak wood into 2 sections base and hutch.  The hutch consists of 4 glass doors solid teak wood frame, stainless steel handles, conclealed hinges, 2 shelves inside. The base consists of 4 dovetailed drawers top, stainless steel plate pulls. 4 wood panel doors, concealed hines, stainless steel pulls.

Tapian teak bookcase 6D

Tapian bookcase 6D

W. 200, D. 40 H. 230 cm

Simple bookcase made of grade A teak timber in 2 sections base and hutch. The hutch consists of 2 shelves, 4 glass with solid wood frame doors stainless steel hinges, and knob door pulls. The base consists of 4 wood panel doors, 6 dovetail joint drawers, stainless steel door hinges and pulls.

Tapian teak bookcase Sliding doors

Tapian bookcase SD

W. 250, D. 45 H. 220 cm

Sliding 3 doors base bookcase made of grade A teak timber. 2 setion base and hutch. Glass 3 sliding doors solid wood frame, 3 shelves hutch. Wood panel 3 sliding doors solid wood frame, s shelf inside base.

Teak modern display cabinet

Teak modern display cabinet

W. 240, D. 50 H. 225 cm

A modern vitrine handmade of teak wood. 2 plains solid wood doors and 3 drawers bottom, 4 glass doors and 3 shelves top.

Teak modern showcase

Teak modern showcase

W. 105, D. 50 H. 195 cm

A modern display cabinet handmade of teak wood. 2 drawers bottom, glass door and 2 adjustable shelves top.