Karmin teak sofa

Living room 3 seats sofa solid wood slats sides and backrest beautifully curved outward. This best selling living room sofa is handmade of teak solid wood by our custom furniture builder. Thick and wide seat rails , yet comfortable with padded cushion backrest and seat.

A strong yet beautiful sofa handcrafted of teak solid wood harvested from Indonesian plantation timber.

Teak wood, Foam and fabric


Fine-Sanding, Candy-Yellow wood stain, Satin polyurethane spray coating.


94 3/8" x 35 3/8" x 35 3/8"

240 x 90 x 90 cm

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Teak solid wood Karmin sofa white cushion
The Karmin sofa without cushion shows solid wood slats backrest ans seat
Teak solid wood Karmin sofa with black cushion

Karmin furniture

A simple armchair handcrafted of plantation-harvested teak wood strand caning sides.
Karmin cane chair

Sturdy yet comfortable lounge chair handmade of teak solid wood and rattan. The backrest and sides curved outward to allow the seat leaning backward or sideways comfortably. Equipped with seat and backrest cushion made of high quality foam and fabric.

Karmin teak sofa 1 seat
Karmin teak sofa 1 seat

Classic curved outward arm side and backrest sofa 1 seat. Made of teak solid wood,wooden slats seat and backrest. Seat cushion and backrest pillows included.

Curved sides solid teak wood slats backrest loveseat
Karmin teak loveseat

Comfortable simple loveseat curved backrest and sides handcrafted of teak solid wood. A perfect sturdy furniture piece to stand on any waiting rooms,.designed to carry two persons in any weight and durable even when used frequently.

Simple curves caned wood sofa | Indofur Furniture
Caned wood sofa

Caned wood sofa comes with strong yet elegant solid wood frames. A great addition into a living room to provide spacious comfort. Thick and sturdy frames employ wooden slats tilted backward to support seat cushion. Curved outward slatted backrest, rattan wicker left and right sides.

Wood furniture caned sofa 2 seats
Karmin teak rattan sofa 2 seats

Classic curved outward arm side and backrest sofa 2 seats. Made of teak solid wood,wooden slats seat and backrest, rattan left and right end. Seat cushion and backrest pillows included.

Karmin teak opium coffee table
Karmin teak opium coffee table

Classic curved inward four legs coffee table. Made of teak solid wood, traditional construction and joinery.

Wood furniture mandala bench
Mandala bench

Curved four legs classic bench, slats seat and back rest. Handmade of teak wood, tenon mortise joint, traditional construction.

Large and sturdy solid wood sofa made of plantation harvested teak

If you looking for a large sofa set for your living room, this wood sofa along with the armchair and loveseat of the Karmin living room collection will be a perfect choice you should consider.

The sofa is one of our best-selling product in 2016, it receives a lot of customization request to the size, features, finishing, and cushion fabric.

Karmin teak wood sofa and cushion in a hallway room
Curved sides solid wood sofa

Sturdy solid wood frame

As an essential furniture piece in a living room, the sofa is designed to give strong yet comfortable character to any space in a home.

The sofa sides curved outward in similar shape and height with the backrest, provide you a comfortable support to lean onto both sides or backward. Thick and wide seat aprons connect four legs and seat, hold curved outward solid wood slats inside sofa backrest and arms.

Assembling the karmin sofa frame

The sofa frame is assembled with tenon mortise joint, glued and dowelled. The seat apron corners is reinforced with corner bracket.

This strong and sturdy designed sofa frame is made of kiln-dried teak solid wood harvested from timber plantation. Kiln-dried hardwood is the most durable and primary indicator for the quality construction, it will continue to retain its shape and stability over the time. Solid wood has been a long standing selection in durable wood sofa.

Karmin sofa solid wood frame unfinished

You can read more about the advantages of kiln dried hardwood sofa construction at Apartment Therapy | The Best Sofa Frame Construction: Kiln Dried vs. Engineered Wood

Wood stain and finishing

We sanding the wood with several grits of sandpaper to clean and smooth the wood surface. Sanding sealer applied to the piece to prevent the wood oil come out in a wet season.

We have several pre-finishing treatment and color chart in our finishes page to choose from. Or, you can suggest any custom finishes if the charts does not suit your requirements.

The wood surface and stain is protected with polyurethane spray.


The sofa cushioned with three square cushions on the seat,  and three cushions at the backrest. Left and right side backrest cushion is shaped to perfect fit backrest. This loose cushion is filled with high quality foam, the seat cushion is firmer than backrest cushion.

The cushions are covered with loose fabric to allow the replacement.

You can read guide to choose cushion for sofa at Houzz | How to Choose the Right Sofa Cushion

Other wood sofa to choose.

If you prefer to buy lower sofa similar to the Karmin sofa, you can consider to buy Aman Dais sofa set.

Teak sofa designed for estminster
Solid wood low sofa by Westminster teak

The Westminster sofa designed to be functional as it sophisticated, three sectional pieces can be arranged to fit many styles and occasions.

Low profile solid wood frames curved outward at the top, tapered at the feet. The sofa set included 3 rectangular cushions and five bolsters.