Swan accent table

A swan statue stand on a solid wood round plate support a glass pane top table with it opening wings and nape. A beautiful accent table that will bring a quiet natural scene into a living room. It will be stand perfectly to accent a foyer or a hallway. The table base handcrafted of mahogany solid wood supporting a 3 ft diameter round glass pane.

Beautiful swan statue detailed carving feather support round glass pane with wings and neck.

Mahogany wood, 5 mm glass


Fine sanded, Pecan wood stain, Satin polyurethane spray coating.


37 3/8" x 37 3/8" x 29 4/8"

95 x 95 x 75 cm

Photo gallery

Swan accent table round glass top
Swan accent table back side carving
Swan accent table solid wood base
Swan accent table front view
Swan accent table  left wing

Empire furniture

A classic goblet base  tea table features a removable serving tray top, a perfect furniture piece for the service of drink and serves a convenient side table.
Empire tea table

A small pedestal table features a removable round tray for carrying or displaying small things. The table handcrafted of mahogany solid wood into a beautiful empire style furniture piece. A shallow platform top table designed with a raised rim make it usable as a service tray. The empire tea table with it removable round tray top is a perfect furniture piece for the service of drink and serves a convenient side table.

Swan statue accent table

Solid wood swan statue detailed carving feathers

Detailed feather carving

Our tradition in wood carving shown on the swan statue. It features detailed carving feathers, neck, beak, and wings.

Both wings of the swan are open high to support the table top leaf with it elegant curving top back neck.

The statue stands on a solid wood round plate decorated with profile edges.

Round glass pane top leaf

Glass top

The table employs a removable round top leaf made of 5mm thick tempered glass.

We use silicon carbide sandpaper to create a curved smooth edge glass top leaf. You will not find any rough spots on the glass.

We can custom made the accent table to use rectangular or any shape glass top leaf and solid wood base.


Swan accent table handcrafted of mahogany wood from the sustainable forest managed by Perhutani, a state-owned forest company
Kiln dried
The mahogany wood is kiln dried into 8% moisture contents (inside the kiln dry facility), may increase into 12 - 15% moisture contents while we working on it.
Size WxDxH
95 x 95 x 75 cm
37 3/8 x 37 3/8 x 29 4/8 Inch
Volume : 0.680 Cubic meters
Fine sanding, Pecan wood stain, polyurethane semi-glossy satin clear coating
5 mm glass