Dining room Cabinets & Hutches

Cabinets & Hutches

Teak wood cabinet 3 doors sideboard, 3 glass doors hutch

Sliding 3 doors cabinet

W. 100, D. 45 H. 218 cm

Display cabinet 2 glazed doors, a plain and simple wood furniture pieces. Made of teak wood, solid wood frame glass doors, and 5 wooden shelves inside.

Solid wood plain vitrine 2 glazed doors

Teak plain vitrine

W. 110, D. 40 H. 195 cm

Sturdy and simple vitrine, glass door 3 shelves inside. Made of high grade teak wood, floating panels construction, tenon mortise structure joints.

Teak wood plain display cabinet 2 glass doors 4 drawers

Teak plain display cabinet

W. 130, D. 50 H. 180 cm

Sturdy columns display cabinet 4 drawers bottom, 2 glass doors top. Made of high grade teak wood, stainless steel door handles and hinges, self closing drawers rails with stainless steel pulls.

Tapian teak wood vitrine 2 glass doors

Tapian vitrine

W. 120, D. 50 H. 200 cm

Modern teak vitrine 2 glass door and 2 glass shelves top, 2 drawer middle, 2 wood panels door bottom. Made of grade A teak timber, stainless steel door hinges and pulls, dovetail joint drawers with  stainless steel knob drawer pulls.

Tapian teak vitrine

Tapian vitrine 2 drawers

W. 70, D. 45 H. 210 cm

Simple and slim vitrine made of grade A teak timber. A glass door solid wood frame, stainless steel pulls, concealed hinges, 3 glass shelves inside. 2 drawers bottom, dovetail joint sith stainless steel knob pulls.

Teak wood vitrine Sigende 4D

Sigende vitrine 4 drawers

W. 120, D. 50 H. 200 cm

Grade a teak furniture display cabinet, 2 glass doors solid wood frame top, 4 drawers bottom. Stainless steel door higes and handles, 3 shelves inside. Dovetail joints drawers, stainless steel plate drawer pulls.