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Java Teak Furniture

Java Teak is a custom furniture manufacturer according to customer's designs and specifications. For more than 25 years, we have been making wood furniture for many customers like you, by listening to customer expectations like yours.

We are a team of furniture designer, craftsmen, and fine finishers. Our advantage is the ability to custom made wood furniture according to customer design from either reclaimed wood or sustainable harvested timber.

We create wood furniture using the best selection of Indonesian hardwoods, assembled with traditional wood furniture construction and joinery. Presenting you with the most durable wood furniture, highly reluctant to decay and can last for decades.

Most of our wood furniture features beautiful wood grains with unparalled unique patterns. Accomplished with fine finishes that enhance the wood grains and texture on the wood surface.

Java Teak Furniture 1998

The past

Established in 1998 at Jepara, a welknown furniture industry district in Central Java, INDONESIA, Java Teak has been nominated for creative ideas in furnishing business.

In the early years of establishment the company manufactures and supply unfinished teak furniture to several companies in Jepara, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Bali, and Jakarta.

In 2002, the company supplies European buyers through buying agents, such as Habufa-Belgium, Pier-1-Import, and several other small furniture businesses.

Indonesia Furniture

The present

Since 2013, we are no longer supply wood furniture to wholesaler. We focusing on custom made furniture manufature in limited quantities. We work for a customer at a time to ensure we can pay attention to details as much as possible.

15 years in supplying wood furniture to wholesaler, we realize that many shortcomings and weaknesses we have done. We strive to meet wholesaler demands of cheap wood furniture, regardless of the quality and natural resources.

We made thousands of teak folding chairs that would be rubbish in 2-3 years. Apply the chemical treatment to uniform the wood color, without considering the negative effects that may occur on the user. We must stop!

And we stopped.

We stopped making furniture in large quantities. Instead we offer the manufacture of custom furniture at reasonable and affordable price to private buyers and small businesses.

We make furniture according to the customer design and specifications. Some customers ask us to build wood furniture according to the photo she/he found in the interior magazines, or websites. Other customers want furniture that perfectly fit in a room

Custom made console
Featured custom furniture

Baroque custom hall table

The baroque custom hall table is made into a antique replica pieces using unusual wood and finishing methods. The clients expecting us to build the table out of teak wood, distressed wood grains, and white painted finish.

Rather unusual, since we used to handcrafting antique furniture reproductions using of mahogany wood. This is because mahogany wood has a dense grains that make the wood durable for detailed carving and small components.

Baroque hall table is one of the French antique wood furniture piece decorated with elaborate carving and small details everywhere, except the top leaf of course, a small clash against the sharp end of the carving the wood will shattering.

Furthermore, although in the beginning the wood surface of the table looks clean, a few months later teak oil will come out and mix with the paint. The color will turn yellow in some parts, look dirty and greasy.

With all of the above warnings, the client insists that we have to custom made the table out of teak wood.

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