J-Teak furniture and craftsmen in Work

About Us

A small company supported by large co-manufacturing partnership and nation wide outsourcing

We are a small, yet dedicated and enthusiastic wood furniture manufacturer company located in Central Java, Indonesia. We specializing in handcrafting custom furniture to customer designs and specifications, using the best selection of Indonesian hardwoods and reclaimed wood from neglected old houses.

With the combination of In-house manufacturing custom furniture, Co-manufacturing antique furniture replica, and Outsourcing outdoor furniture we cater our customers with various Indonesia furniture.

J-Teak Furniture 1998

The past

J-Teak Furniture is a family owned company specializes in handcrafting wood furniture to customer specifications (bespoke). The company established by Juwono in 1998 at Jepara, a famous district for its furniture and woodworking industries in INDONESIA.

In the early years of establishment the company manufactures wood furniture to supply several furniture exporters in Jepara, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Bali, and Jakarta.

In 2002, the company supplies several European furniture businesses such as Habufa-Belgium, Pier-1-Import, and several other small customers through buying agents in Indonesia.

Indonesia Furniture


Since 2012 to the current moment we combine in-house manufacturing of custom furniture with co-manufacturing and outsourcing. This combination allow us to supply mahogany wood antique furniture replica and outdoor furniture mixed with new furniture designs to our customers.

In-house manufacturing custom furniture

In-house manufacturing of custom furniture to customer specs

Our woodworkers and woodworking facility focused in manufacturing custom furniture, using Indonesian hardwoods or any other available wood species according to client request.

The goal is to allow us to supply our customer with particular wood furniture pieces that are popular and sought-after in customer area. Also, to supply interior designers and furnishing projects with custom made pieces according to designs and specifications.

Co-manufacturing carved furniture

Antique furniture replica - elaborate carving mahogany wood

To provide comprehensive styles of wood furniture, we built co-manufacturing partnership program with small scale furniture craftsmen in Central Java. These partners are vary in capacity, capability, and specialization. Some of them are manufacturing companies which operate a semi machine furniture production, and most of them are small furniture craftsmen and artisans.

The craftsmen in our partnership program includes chair makers, cabinet makers, table makers, wicker artisans, carvers, sculptor, and handicraft artisans.

With the support of these partners, we expect to supply many more customers with extensive selection of furniture style. From antique reproduction to modern furniture, from new harvested wood to reclaimed wood furniture.

Outsourcing outdoor furniture

Outsourcing teak and allweather wicker outdoor furniture

We sourcing all the best teak garden furniture and all weather wicker furniture throughout Indonesia. Pick up all outsourced pieces to our facility for finishing and inspection by customer. Mixed with our custom made wood furniture and co-manufactured mahogany carved furniture, loaded into container and ship directly to the customer